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osTicket 1.8.1 Released

With February being the month that brings us Valentine’s Day, love and all things warm and fuzzy, we want to show our love for the faithful osTicket community by giving you the gift of a new version.

The osTicket team is pleased to announce availability of osTicket, v1.8.1, the latest stable release in 1.8.x series. As we strive to improve osTicket to better suit your help desk needs, we take into careful consideration your requests for features. We have an extensive list on our development roadmap that we hope to bring you by the middle of this year.

We wish it were just that simple to add new features. It seems as though each time we add a new feature or enhancement, it is usually dependant on another pre-requisite feature which, when added, breaks a part of another existing function! (SIGH) It’s our never-ending saga! But we are determined to work through those issue and bring you the functionality you request but keep the simplicity you so love about osTicket.

Release Highlights

This release fixes bugs reported from prior versions, and introduces new exciting features and enhancements. To view the full list of changes, see the release notes

NEW! Collaborator Support (CC)

Resolving a support request often requires collaboration with partners outside your help desk staff -- osTicket now allows you to effortlessly add other end users and partners to a ticket as collaborators. Responses received from ticket collaborators are integrated automatically into the ticket thread, and emails are sent to all recipients when new messages or responses are received into the system. All collaborators have access to the ticket via the client portal and are able to post new messages to the ticket thread. You can also remove collaborators from accessing the ticket when you feel their contribution to resolve is finished.

NEW! Plugins Support

To pave way to making osTicket extendible, we’re happy to announce support for plugins! Immediately available is integration with LDAP and Microsoft® Active Directory. With authentication plugin support, staff members can now be authenticated against a backend other than the osTicket internal database to login into the staff control panel of your help desk. The initial authentication system also supports user lookups, so when browsing for new users when creating tickets, your directory server can be queried for users, email addresses, and other personal data.

NEW! Multi-Lingual Support, Phase 1

Our internationalization efforts is underway - thanks to the community - we’re happy to report that we now have 35 active translations with over 500 contributors. Starting with osTicket v1.8.1, you can select the language preference, as a staff member, for the internal help tips. You can also now select the language of the email templates used for auto responses to customers and alerts & notices to staff when you create a new set of templates. The templates for the selected language will be used instead of English templates provided desired language pack is installed;

Please note that the interface is not translated at the moment - that will come in phase II. We invite you to join the movement and help us get through Phase II -- (more information to follow)!

Installing or Upgrading to v1.8.1

If you are installing osTicket for the first time, then simply download osTicket v1.8.1 or clone the v1.8 GitHub repository and follow the installation guide on the wiki. If you are using an older version of osTicket, we highly recommend upgrading your help desk to 1.8.1. Please refer to the release notes and the upgrade guide for complete instructions. If you are deploying directly from GitHub, you’ll simply need to fetch, merge, and deploy the new code.

Maintenance Release for 1.7 and 1.8 Series

For osTicket users who are unable or unwilling to upgrade to version 1.8.1, we’ve made two new maintenance releases available, v1.8.0.3 and v1.7.6. These new maintenance releases address a few issues from previous versions. These fixes have also been integrated into v1.8.1.

Find a patch to upgrade from to here, and from 1.7.5 to 1.7.6 here

Need help? - contact us for professional support.

See you soon!

osTicket Team

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