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osTicket’s core features not only rival, but also exceed most high-priced help desk solutions – you get access to all the features — for free (no feature matrices!).

Custom Fields

Customize the data collected from users when submitting a ticket to help get straight to the issue.

You can create custom lists of data to add to each ticket or specific help topics for clients to choose from when creating a ticket. Custom Fields, Forms and Lists can be added to each web ticket created or only show up when a specific help topic is chosen. They can be configured as best suits your business needs.

Custom Columns and Queues

A custom queue is a view of tickets based on a custom criteria that you specify.

It allows you to create your own personal views of tickets and specify what information you would like to see. A custom column is an additional field that is not displayed initially when viewing the ticket tab. Using custom columns allows you to include these fields in the ticket list.

Ticket Filters

Define rules to route incoming tickets to the right department, agents, as well as trigger actions.

By using the filter system, osTicket empowers you to automate the creation and routing of tickets. Set actions such as ticket rejection, department/agent assignment or even send an automated canned response. Rule criteria of filter can include any custom field added to the forms as well as user data.

Help Topics

Configurable help topics for web tickets allow you to route inquiries to exactly the right department for swift resolution.

Tickets can be streamlined for faster response time by being routed based on predetermined new ticket options. Combined with custom forms, you can design a specific form for each help topic to gather additional or particular information for each request type.

Agent Collision Avoidance

Ticket locking mechanism to allow staff to lock tickets during response to avoid conflicting or dual responses.

Avoid multiple agents responding to the same ticket at the same time! You set the amount of time the lock remains on a ticket. When a ticket is locked, other staff can not respond to the ticket until the lock expires.

Assign, Transfer, & Referral

Transfer tickets between departments to make sure it’s being handled by the correct agents, or assign tickets to a particular agent or team of agents.

Refer a ticket to maintain view-only access to tickets when transferred or assigned to a department/agent. Tickets can be auto-assigned by help topics or departments when they arrive, but what if they need to be reassigned? No problem! You can reassign tickets to agents or a team of agents or transfer to a different department all together. Transfer, Assignment, and Referral notes are logged in the ticket thread to keep track of what’s happened in the ticket.


Configurable automatic reply sent out when a new ticket is opened or a message is received.

Auto responses can be formatted to pull information from the ticket to personalize the email. osTicket supports placeholder variables such as %{} which will pull the user’s first name in the auto response. Auto responses can be edited and customized for each department as well as associated with Help Topics.

Thread Action

Agents now have the ability to create a Ticket or Task from a Ticket’s thread entry or from a Task’s thread entry.

Need to create a separate ticket or task from a user’s message to separate or expand on that item? No problem! Now with thread action, agents can simply create a new ticket or task with the message and keep it in the original ticket thread. Thread actions are noted in the original ticket thread with reference to both the new item as well as the thread item it was pulled from.

Service Level Agreements

SLA Plans allow you to track tickets and due dates without the hassle!

Get overdue alerts and notices on missed due dates, and priority escalation. Create an unlimited number of SLA Plans and assign them to help topics, departments or ticket filters.

Customer Portal

All support requests and responses are archived online for end users.

Users can login using their email address and a ticket number or they can register a profile for full access to all tickets they are associated with. Build out a robust knowledge base for users to self service their issues.

Advanced Search

Narrow down your search criteria with Advanced Search.

Save your selected criteria for ease of future searches. Include custom fields in your search criteria. Search results populated into their own queues and can be exported into a csv file. Agents can even select the exported fields to reduce clutter in the export.


Create an internal to-do list for agents.

Tasks can be associated with tickets or they can stand alone in the help desk. When tasks are ticket-related, this prevents the tickets from being closed until all tasks within the ticket are complete. Add collaborators to include external users to the task items while keeping them separate from the ticket thread and contents.

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