We are committed to providing awesome help desk software to all users through our free edition and cloud hosted version, and through our full range of online resources, commercial support and professional services.

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  • Self Hosted
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Is osTicket Free?

osTicket is available as a free download to install and host on your server. This is called self hosted. If it breaks, you fix it. That's exactly why we offer osTicket as a hosted service which does not require downloading, installing, upgrading, or configuring email, leaving you free to focus on making happy customers.

What is the difference between cloud hosted and self hosted?

With our cloud hosted solution, known as SupportSystem, you get osTicket at its best on a turnkey infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on your customers without the burden of making sure the application is stable, maintained, and secure.

What if I need help?

SupportSystem include support via phone and email, whereas osTicket is community supported. Should you need more support for your osTicket installation, we provide commercial support options.

What Pricing Options & Plans are Available for SupportSystem?

We offer a number of affordable plans and pricing to suit your business needs. We encourage you to sign up for your FREE 30-day, no obligation, trial of SupportSystem today. No credit card required. Nothing to install. Get started immediately!

Not sure which edition is best for you? We can help you identify the best solution for your help desk needs. Contact us for more information.