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osTicket v1.14-RC.1 Available

osTicket Team is super excited to announce the availability of osTicket v1.14-RC.1 (Release Candidate). Be on the lookout for documentation and video tutorials on these features as we move towards the official release. The release includes much anticipated features:

Major New Features

We’ve been hard at work getting these great new features ready for you. We invite you to download the preview release and share in our excitement!

Ticket Merge and Ticket Link

The Ticket Merge feature allows you to combine two or more Tickets so that their threads will all be in one Ticket. We will call this the Parent Ticket.

Linking allows you to group tickets together without actually manipulating any Tickets. It just gives you a quick way to access Tickets
that may be related in some way.

Schedules and Business Hour SLA’s

Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines a Grace Period, in hours, to which a task or service must be completed before it’s marked overdue. 

By default the Elapsed Time is based on Actual time – which assumes 24/7 service however, this is not ideal for businesses with specific business hours. For example, for an organization that operates Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm; if a ticket gets created  at 4 pm on a weekday, its business elapsed time at 8 am on the next weekday is 1 hour while its actual elapsed time is 17 hours. 

To provide a mechanism to specify Business Hours, osTicket uses the concept of Schedules to define Business Hours (working hours)  and Holidays (holiday hours) to which an SLA can be configured to use.

Expanded Print View

Now, when an Agent prints a PDF of the Ticket, they will have the option to print Thread Events as well.