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osTicket v1.8.0.2 Released!

The developers have been at it again! Working to give you the most requested features to further enhance the world’s most popular support ticketing software- osTicket & SupportSystem! You’ve asked for small, but important details to steadily improve your best tool for customer support and here are a few of the highlights:

Some Enhancements of v1.8.0.2 include-

  • HTML editor has an underline button (#377)
  • New ticket form pre-selects default priority (#400)
  • Help topics do not require an associated priority (#397)
  • Extra fields associated with help topics are shown above the ticket-details form (#398)
  • Auto-complete is supported on email address fields (#401)
  • “Choices” custom fields allow specification of a prompt and default value (#427)
  • Email template list now sorted making templates easier to manage and edit (#417)
  • New ticket user-lookup pop-up supports cancel (#434)

For more information, see release notes.

The rumors continue…

But don’t worry- they are still hyped up on Americano’s and steady plucking away at their trusty keyboards working on v1.8.1. Which is now available as a developer preview release. This version includes much anticipated enhancements such as:

Collaborator Support (CC)

In addition to the ticket owner, other end users can be collaborators on a ticket. Responses received from them are integrated automatically into the ticket thread, and emails are sent to all collaborators when new messages and responses arrive into the system. All collaborators have access to the ticket via the client portal and are able to log new messages.

Authentication Plugins

Staff members can now be authenticated against a backend other than the osTicket internal database. Available immediately is integration with LDAP and Microsoft® Active Directory. The initial authentication system also support user lookups, so when browsing for new users when creating tickets, your directory server will be queried for users and email addresses.

Internationalization, Phase 1 – Tips & Templates

Select your default data on installation, and select the language preference, as a staff member, for the help tips. You can also now select the language of the email templates when creating a new template. The templates for the selected language will be used instead of English templates provided desired language is available.

Stay Tuned!

We have a lot more on the development road map to be released this year. We will post our plan soon with access for you to provide feedback, comments, wish lists and helpful tips for other users.