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Submitting Bugs at GitHub

From osTicket

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If you believe to have found a bug in our code and would like to submit an issue at our Github.com repository, please adhere to the following guidelines. This will quicken the process by gathering all the necessary information to diagnose and resolve upfront.

Required Guidelines

  • Frequency
Describe how frequently the problem occurs.
  • Replicating the Issue
A. Give a step by step list of actions taken in order to replicate the bug.
B. Always be sure to state explicitly the location where your activity begins. When discussing locations within osTicket itself, give the breadcrumb information (e.g., Admin Panel Manage Help Topics).
C. When emails are involved in describing the replication of the issue, be sure to keep the following in mind:
a. Mention from who the email originated and to whom it was sent.
b. Mention the email application used for both parties (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, osTicket Alerts & Notes, etc.).
c. If the email originated from the osTicket alerts or notices, describe the relevant email settings within osTicket.
  • What Happened vs. Expectations
A. Describe what happened as a result of following the previously mentioned steps.
B. Describe what was the expected outcome as a result of following the previously mentioned steps.
  • Versioning
A. Php version.
B. osTicket version.
Note: You may include the optional descriptor B listed below as an alternative to writing the versioning.
  • Altered Code
If your osTicket code has been modified so as to differ from any branch in the osTicket upstream repository, please describe the modification and prepare to share to those modifications if requested to do so in order for others to aid in solving your issue.

Optional Descriptors

A. Screenshot of Outcome: It always benefits those who help troubleshoot bugs to see an image of the outcome of any issue.

B. Screenshot of osTicket Information: Take a screenshot of the table located at Admin Panel Dashboard Information.