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Agent Answer via E-Mail

The agent receives a info-mail with the info about a new message from a user. Now the agent answering to this info-mail on his mail-client. This answer will received by osTicket and osTicket creates a new internal note. This is very cool but the agent thought that he can answer to the user on this way. 
Is it possible to change this behavior to use it for answering to the user?



  • Unfortunately not and let me explain the reason for that and also how a plugin / mod should work when you'd like to modify the source code ;)

    Imagine the following situation:
    - A new ticket to request e.g. an installation of a software is requested by a user.
    - Agent Alice responds, no sorry we can't install the software
    - Agent Bob responds, yes sure we can install the software
    - In the osTicket interface Bob should notice that the ticket is locked (for the locktime specified in the Admin Panel)  so that an situation like that is prevented, but with agents responding via email - I don't see a chance to prevent such confusing answers currently

    I can imagine that a plugin / modification could help to solve that issue, but it requires some time and knowledge to modify the osTicket source code. I think of the possibility to switch the behavior of email answers for each agent in their personal settings (My preferences), so that the answer is eihter send to the end user or taken as an internal note. To avoid confusion (example from above with agents Alice and Bob responding at the same ticket with different statements), I would limit the possibility to send the answer to the end user in that way, that ONLY the assigned agent of the ticket can respond via emails to the end user. All replies from other agents (that are not assigned to the ticket) are taken as an internal note.

  • Thanks Chefkeks,

    you explain the constraints behind perfect. Would be nice but of course the collision-handling will be very soft on this point.

  • I would love to have the ability for agent replies. Is there a known mod than can be done to change this?
  • I am not aware of any mod to change this currently.

    But I can imagine how a mod could look like:
    - Option under "My preferences" that triggers whether an internal note or a reply shall be sent. 
    - But only under the following circumstance:
    - When "me, myself and I" is the agent assigned to that ticket and not an other agent.
    - So if the ticket is not assigned to me, then the response shall be noted as internal note.
  • But it can be assigned to multiple people still - assigned to a team for example
  • Having used 2 other ticketing systems like this recently. I want to add this...

    The user is given the ability to hit reply and type in a response above the line. Please add this function to the notification emails sent to the agents. This would then send the notification email to them and if you re-use the code already in place for the user response then the agent would be able to do the same thing... hit reply and the reply is picked up and pasted into the ticket as another response in the thread.

    There should be no worry that this is somehow going to conflict with the assigned agent being that the responding user or team member or agent is just adding to the discussion thread via email reply.

    Internally if the agent is locked onto the ticket then no other agent is going to be able to open it but the emailed reply/response from the user AND NOW the agent or other agent can still be posted into the thread.

    This is how all the other systems do this. Email is a required functionality for us as we are not always sitting at a computer but should be able to see the user posted to the ticket something like "Are you going to be here soon" and I the agent can reply via email "I am en-route to your desk be there in 10 minutes" these would both post to the ticket and then my manager would see I responded to the client and did/did not get there in time and the user was waiting or left before the agent got to work.

    Email is a work tool - ticketing is our work tool - got to get this integrated for the agent as well as it is now for the user PLEASE!!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  • Oh and ChefKeks answer would work just fine as well!!!!

    Thanks Chef!
  • "Internally if the agent is locked onto the ticket then no other agent is
    going to be able to open it but the emailed reply/response from the
    user AND NOW the agent or other agent can still be posted into the

    Huh?  a ticket being locked does not prevent other agents from viewing it.
  • Wondered if there was any uptake on this? I know a few people have mentioned that if you look out on the web it tells you how to enable this but I can't seem to find it anywhere. 

    An agent replying by email in my mind is a much needed system, and one that was previously taken. 

    Alot of our engineers don't want to use the current web version when they are out in the field, and really rely on email responses

  • @PeteHelmore if you have a problem please start your own thread.
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