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Error when exporting ticket list

Hi all!
i'm have an error in display export file on my ms exel, for example:

I need to edit class.export.php?

Serv info:
osTicketv1.9.7 (4be5782)
web servMicrosoft-IIS/8.0
Ty for help


  • edited July 2015
     you click button export and copy all data in csv file to format file excel.  Next you custom :D
  • If don't it then:
    1.Open csv file as notepad
    2.  +,Select "Save as" it
    +, Rename it = "report.csv"
    +, Select encoding is: UTF-8
    +, Select "Save"

    3. OK
  • edited July 2015
    @hungnd, ty, but  it's dont working =(
    it's dont converting to right encode(
  • @hungnd  do you know how i can save export file to default ANSI encode ?
  • edited July 2015
    Personally never used the export function, so I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to that :(

    But I guess you'd need to alter the source code to export with ANSI encoding.

    Beside: 1.9.7. is not the latest version anymore and maybe some bugs/issues regarding export got fixed until 1.9.9-1 so you may want to try a newer version ;)
  • @chefkeks, my client use 1.9.7 ver, but i whant use newer version, now i'm wa8ing for 1.10 versio, then update from 1.9.7 =)

    thanks for answer =)

    close topic =)
  • Ok :)
    Closing as requested and hopefully 1.10 release candidate will come soon.
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