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[MOD] Staff Reply to Tickets (IMAP)



  • Will this works in 1.8.x?
  • The post is in the 1.7 section of the forums.  So no.
  • Hi all,

    Sorry for the seeming abandonment here. I hadn't received any notification of new posts on this thread so had not thought to come back and check on it until today.

    @alltime: The latest version does allow for #actions to be posted in the body of a reply email. I added this in the 4.1 version. Problem is it still hasn't been adapted for any OsTicket version later than 1.7.0.

    The lack of development here is mainly due to the fact that I just can't keep up with the release cycles. I started working on 1.7.1 and within about a day of starting this 1.7.2 came out and the next thing I knew 1.8 went RC. I decided to wait for 1.8, but the incremental updates just keep coming.
    Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, but just becomes too much for me to maintain with the limited time I can dedicate to this mod on my own.

    In fact, my organization is still on 1.7.0 due to the fact we simply can't live without email replies and I haven't had the time to dedicate to bringing up to a later release. That said, it does seem with each release a step is taken closer to including this feature out of the box which also weighs on my mind when considering updating as I would hate to pour hours into this and then have a version pop out days later with native support for this.

    The collaborative function in 1.8 seems to cover off most of the need for the CC mod component, so if I find the time I might adapt purely the staff reply and #action functions for 1.8 and submit a pull request on GitHub to see if they can be embedded in the next release. If I get a chance to do this, I will be sure to create a thread in the 1.8 section as well as a link to it here so those interested can follow it.

    Thanks again to all those who supported this mod.
  • Would there happen to be an updated version of this for 1.9.5 anywhere? Or if someone has a fix that is similar, that would be great too.

  • If there is it would be in the mod and customizations section of the forum for 1.9.
    I haven't looked, but I don't think that there is.
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