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OS Ticket - previous search queries do not work anymore

hey everyone --

great product - really like what is happening here.  we just did an upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 and found one little issue.

previously a few of us had dedicated links that we used to narrow down tickets by department -- this submitted a search query to osticket via a link like:

it appears that the new system when doing a search creates a set of results and give us a link like:

the problem is that the previous link was dynamic and the new one will always return the same set.  is there any way of getting the old functionality back via a direct search link?



  • i added this around line 84 of include/staff/

    if (isset($_REQUEST['deptID'])) {
        $qwhere .= ' AND ticket.dept_id='.db_input($_REQUEST['deptID']);
        $qstr .= '&deptID='.urlencode($_REQUEST['deptID']);

    now i can query by deptID :)

  • Thank you!

    This is an issue we've come across as well. It's rather unconvenient, as our installation of osTicket is used to serve 6 departments between 18 staff members.

    In osTicket 1.6 RC4 we had great use of making custom shortcuts/favourites to quickly access open tickets for the departments. Last weekend we upgraded to, and the shorcuts/favourites are not working anymore.

    I will give this fix a try this instant:-)
  • Quick comment:

    Added your code on line 86, the line under the already existing "if (isset"-codeblock.


    ,where X is a number, sorts open (not answered) tickets from that department.

    PS: Be sure to use deptID, not deptId, as URL's are case-sensitive.

    Thank you so much for this, it was of great use!:)
  • it-panda -- im glad it worked out!  and yes typo on my end, my links do have deptID but not in my example! :)
  • anyone search by custom list value?
  • @Dusza if you have a question or a problem please start your own thread instead of zombing an old one.
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