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Amazon AWS Plugin

guys, i have installed the Amazon AWS Plugin ( to store attachments there. But the plugin status says "DISABLED". How can i enable this plugin? Thanks!


  • edited November 2014
    i just enabled it by setting "isactive=1" in myphpadmin. but attachments are still stored in the database though i have chosen AMAZON S3 in admin > settings > tickets at the very bottom.
  • Do you talk about old attachments or new attachments?

    Old attachments = Attachments that was already there in your osTicket database
    New attachments = Attachments that came with newly created tickets, after you enabled the plugin

    Just asking, because old attachments are not transferred to Amazon S3 automatically.
  • "New attachments" are still saved in the database :(
  • Ok, that's somehow bad. But unfortunately I have no experience at all with the Amazon S3 Plugin since I never used it, so I see 2 options here for you
    - Wait until someone else replies to this discussion
    - Search on the forum / on the web to find similar discussion where a solution was may given
  • Sadly I've not used that plugin either so I do not have any first hand experience with it.
    I am wondering however if since you edited your database directly instead of enabling the plugin via the UI that something didn't happen.  I imagine that its not as simple as changing a 0 to a 1 in the database.  I would recommend that you disable the plugin in the database (the same way that you enabled it) and actually use the UI to enable the plugin.

    1. Go to download the plugin and add it to the file system in /include/plugins.
    2. log into the admin account and go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Plugins
    3. click add New Plugin
    4. Install the plugin from the list.
    5. Configure the plugin.
    6. tick the check box to the left of the plugin in the list, and click the enable button at the bottom.
  • I've got simple question: how do I put uploaded files to Amazon S3 in different directories? Each file in ticket # directory.
  • I do not beleive that the plugin allows for that type of control.  Also this thread is from 2014, which makes you a necromancer.  Now I have to kill the thread with a head shot!

    (translation: please open your own thread if you are having an issue.  Please don't be a necromancer.)
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