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merge/join two and more ticket into one

Sometimes users/client just ignore to keep ticket number in subject an creating new ticket by replay with blank, new email. So for one case you have lot of tickets and u can not see continuous in thiscket thread.
Whould be nice be able new ticket add/connect/join/merge with another, already existed (same user) so it take all messages in thread (in new ticket) and add them on the end of selected ticket (old one). And new ticket can be deleted. (system can add message in thread like - ticke thread # connected by XX and head of new ticket)
U can clean up ticket system and have all messages in one ticket.
Also would be nice if the new ticket number will be asociate (alias) with old ticket. So if user click on new ticket link (this will not exist anymore) it will redirect him into old ticket and show all conversation.



  • Hi,

    This has been suggested many times and would be a fantastic addition to this already great system.

    I am sure it must be one of the most requested features.

    It would be great to know from the Devs if this is a timetabled feature or if it is merely a sometime in the future.

  • @Cooltom personally we close the dupe ticket with a notice saying that its a dupe and to see ticket # and we are close it.  If anything actually needs condensing we copy and paste it into the one thats staying open.

    @Andrewuk I do not recall the devs ever having written/said that they were going to add this feature.
  • edited November 2014
    @ntozier Sorry if this was inferred, however, I didn't say the devs had said they were going to add this feature.

    I said, it must be one of the most requested and said it would be great to know if it is timetabled or sometime in the future. Apologies, if I inferred otherwise, I just made an assumption that as it was highly requested that it would at some point be considered for inclusion.

    Additionally, it seems the ticket pinning / stapling feature that appears to be under development would have a similar effect I guess!

  • I would certainly hope that it would be considered for inclusion [you are right that its talked about a lot]. I was just saying that at this point I'm not aware of any plans regarding it or future ones.  I dont want anyone to think that there are any at this time. :)
  • Then would be nice if you can automaticly add message like: ticket continue in #xxx ticket. For example have list of tickets with same email (short by date) - same like in head of the ticket and be able select one in Post Internal Note (it will add link to selected ticket). I wanted to solve it by canned response, but you can not add canned response in Post Internal Note tab.

    Or how you do it? When you have 14 ticket for same case and you checking the case you search one by one in all 14 tickets? What if you want print the case :]
    Or When you receve new responce you copy message as internal message into main ticket, get url and go to new ticket and paste it into main ticket as another internal message "dupe see ticket #"?
  • good suggestion to have a feature that would merge/join two and more ticket into one
  • This would be huge for us as well. Having multiple people put a ticket in for the same issue doesn't make sense, but it happens and we need the info from both tickets. It would be very useful to be able to merge the tickets together into one, because its not always possible to just close one as a duplicate.
  • definite +1

    Select two or more Tickets and click a button that says merge, you select a "Parent" ticket to confirm and all the tickets get updated to the parents "Ticket ID".

    Would be wonderful.
  • definite +1 Select two or more Tickets and click a button that says merge, you select a "Parent" ticket to confirm and all the tickets get updated to the parents "Ticket ID". Would be wonderful.
    Would also be nice if the tickets were created by different users, that when merging, the users from the ticket(s) not selected as the "Parent" be added as collaborators
  • +1 from me
  • +1 for ticket merging.
  • +1 as well. Get new tickets for existing "Feature Request" tickets from first time users constantly. Merging into pre-existing tickets would be great!
  • +1 from here as well. We have a lot of new tickets created in the lifetime of a case (where case = multiple tickets regarding same issue).
  • edited January 2015
    I've created a merge function that if you examine a ticket, you can merge it to another ticket of the same user.  It simply shows the lists of other open tickets that user has, select the one you want and it will add it.  It currently works on and the diff files are there to see what was done and if you want to integrate to other versions.

  • Hi I installed your script.
    I'll test it next week in our productive environment an let you know.
    Thanks so far very much.

  • This feature is HUGE!!  I would merge a dozen times a day, easy, if I had this.  Thanks!  Will give this a shot and report back.
  • Thanks very much dcbour !!! This works perfect. No problems until now.
  • One Improvement could be useful:
    instead of checking the whole emailadress for merging, maybe it would be better checking just the domain.


    So it would be possible to merge a ticket from another user to an existing one with a different User.
  • Thanks for the MOD dcbour one question tho, i installed it and when i try merge 2 tickets, i just get a response saying uknown action. Any idea what would be causing that error?
  • Also I have instances where the same name sends from a different email address it would be nice if we could merge the same name and not just by email address. 
  • I found a bug when merging tickets there is a error mail

    [INSERT INTO ost_ticket_thread SET   ticket_id=2878, source="Web", created=NOW(), thread_type="M", poster="SYSTEM", body=CONCAT("Merged with ticket ",  ( SELECT number from ost_ticket where ticket_id='' ));]

    Column 'body' cannot be null<br />
    <br />

    but it works. weird.
  • Dear all

    the package
    merge1_9_5_1.tar is missing files in the staff folder???

    can you please help on that.

  • edited March 2015
    cool, super excited about this mod though it doesn't seem to be working for me on the latest dev build. Seems to have broken some things. I've attached some screenshots to illustrate.

    How soon do you think we can get this implemented as an official feature? This is our #1 need and would increase productivity greatly.



    would be nice if it looked like:

  • The package is missing 2 files from the staff folder that are listed in the 'diff' file.

    missing files:

    Can you post a new install package with the missing files?

  • +1 From me too.
    That's feature will be very helpful in many cases.
  • wonderfull!!!
    many thanks for this feature
  • I installed the files, thanks for posting the missing files, and it doesn't show other tickets from the user to merge.

    Is there something that I am missing?

  • Hi could someone transfer this in a plugin, so that updates don't matter?
  • Starting 1.9.6 update now.  Not sure it would integrate into a plug-in given how the code hacks I've used.  I'll look up more of the plugin functionality and see if it fits.  Watch for update tomorrow (Mar 26) or so with the new files for 1.9.6
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