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Intervention status


In my case I have created intervention statutes, your application only offers open, closed, archived. But in my case I want the status of intervention can take the suspended awaiting parts and suspended pending validation customer value. So I created these two statuses but when I select one of these two status on the client side, it does not see the change in status suspended awaiting parts or suspended pending customer approval. When the ticket status is changed even when a custom status it should be updated on the user's client website we created.

version 1.9.4-RC4


  • 1. Huh?
    2. RC4 is a Release Candidate, this is like saying it's Beta software.  It should not be used in a production environment until its actually released.
    3. I've stated before that the custom status feature is not finished.
    4. This appears to be a request for help, not a Suggestion and Feedback.  I've moved it to Troubleshooting and Problems.
    5. Pictures are worth a thousand words when describing a problem.

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