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1.9.4-RC2 Agent sets closed or resolved, client still sees ticket as open.

I am testing the new RC2 out and when I set a ticket to be closed or resolved, the client sees on their screen that the ticket is still open, even though the staff screen shows it as closed/resolved..


  • We have a pending pull request to address the bug.
  • pull request? I assume that means a request to fix it?
  • pull request? I assume that means a request to fix it?
    Yes ;)
  • What is the difference between an "issue" and a "pull request"?
  • I would describe it:
    - Issue is an issue report that something is not working
    - Pull request is an issue + a fix for that issue

    I know that it is not 100% correct, but it describes the difference between an issue which I think is the reason for this question.
  • pull requests are literally a request to merge a code change with the project.  Pull requests should have the code changes required to fix the issue being addressed.

    issues are bug reports, issue reports, etc.
  • Ah nice. Thanks.
  • You're very welcome. :)
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