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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

New mod - responsive design (bootstrap), multi-input forms, multi-domain, great integration


I've been lurking here for quite a while, decided to post for the first time.

For our purposes, we've created an osTicket mod which introduces number of features to the original (great!) software. The key ones are:
  • front-end based on Bootstrap framework
  • fully responsive front-end for any device and screen
  • choice to install it in "standalone" or "embedded" modes:
    • standalone mode - users access the system in a similar way to osTicket. See demo here
    • embedded mode - seamless integration and amalgamation into a hosting page, i.e. does not include any navigation elements (e.g. header, tabbed menu, footer etc.) - just bare forms. See demo - click here
  • centralised & single installation can serve multiple domains & business areas
  • option to have multiple configurable & independent input forms with different set of help topics (full article here)
  • ability to disable any front-end page on form by form basis
  • external user log in state management - for instance you can disable build-in user "sign in" feature, then keep data synchronised between osTicket and your system using API (see below) and finally automatically log in (or log out) user if they've already signed in into your website/application - e.g. member support area for signed in members only
  • extended API:
    • create ticket
    • add user response
    • add staff response
    • get topic list (all or selected group for a given form)
    • create new user
    • modify user details
    • get user details
  • A few other tweaks - see documentation for details
We've left the admin panel's look&feel virtually untouched but heavily modified user front-end and loads of internal scripts. Our mod has been branded as osT+, is available for free and can be downloaded from our website - osT+ from Esperim.

Other - hopefully - useful pages:
Any feedback is welcome - feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this mod.




  • So a couple things come to mind after reading and looking this over:
    1. I applaud your efforts and in pushing forward with some of the features that are on our To Do list.  I for one wish that you would have just submitted the code changes to github so that many of them could have just been included in core, but quite plainly its nice to see this.
    2. This is not really a mod, and appears to be more of a branch of the source.  I remind anyone that wants to use this that we do not provide support for mods or versions of osTicket that are not downloaded from us.
    3. I'm really curious if there are any database changes between your product and 1.9.2.  If there are not [or if you use separate tables for your mod] then people should be able to pretty seamlessly switch back and forth between the two. [I'm still reading through your docs on your website, but so far haven't really seen anything about migrating back and forth.]
  • Hello,

    In regards to point 3 above - database structures, tables and data has been left untouched so you could have osTicket in one folder and osT+ in another working perfectly fine using the same database. Note though, current osT+ version is based on osTicket so not the most recent version of osTicket.


  • Okay, that's good to know.  I was going to install it on my test machine to play with it, but now I know I can't since I run 1.9.2 on my test machine. 
  • Hello,

    we've released the new version of osT+ (product details are here) which includes all the benefits of osTicket v1.9.2 and uses exactly the same database structures.

    Additionally, some performance tweaks have been made and set of instructions added to .htaccess for Apache to make the systems much faster. Actually, it's noticeably quicker now so osTicket team may consider incorporating them into the core version in future releases as optional addition for Apache servers.

    You can view release notes here.

    Upgrading from previous version is easy and in line with the osTicket upgrade process. A set of instructions have been compiled and can be found on this page.

    Also, I'd like to thank to all those who contacted us, provided feedback and suggested improvements which in many cases have been incorporated.


  • ntozier - how much of this fork would be accepted into core if submitted as a PR? Obviously they have some places the branding has been changed that shouldn't be merged, and I think we'd want to keep all the config in one file instead of two, rename some variables and stuff - but it looks pretty simple and I'd be willing to go through and make one PR to merge most of this in. Since they are only changing the front end code it's a pretty clean patch.
  • edited July 2014
    Right now?  None.  Because no one has submitted it. :)

    If someone were to submit it it goes above 0%, but well honestly this would be a question for @peter or
  • Hi Esperim,

    i am currently testing ost+ 1.4.
    So far it looks good, but how can i use my existing
    osticket-DB with ost+?

  • Hi Osiris,

    DB structure and data is exactly the same when compared to osTicket so you can use your existing tables and ost-config file (note, osT+ 1.4.0 is based on osTicket 1.9.2).

    We are about to release a new version - the key improvement is that all the options stored until now in ost-plus-config file are now moved to the admin area so input forms and all the options can be easily configured using admin panel's GUI.


  • edited August 2014

    we've released a new version of osT+ (v1.4.1 - product details are here) which includes all the benefits of osTicket v1.9.2 and uses exactly the same database structures.

    Key changes of this release include:
    • Sticky navigation bar (admin panel) feature added – users can select whether the navigation bar should stick to the top of a page when page is scrolled or not (this was discussed here)
    • Improvements to page responsiveness
    • "ost-plus-config" file has been retired – all options can be now changed from within the administration panel

    You can view full release notes here.

    Upgrading from previous versions is easy and in line with the osTicket upgrade process. A set of instructions have been compiled and can be found on this page.

    To get the latest version of osT+, simply download it from our website (it's free).


  • Is this compatible with
  • Is this compatible with
    No since they have not updated since Aug, 2014.
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