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Sort Ticket by Due Date on Staff Panel

Is it possible to sort tickets by Due Date on Staff Panel ?

Thank You


  • Hi, 

    At the moment, no we do not currently support sorting by due date. However, you may sort tickets by priority. The priority level settings for tickets will depend on It is in our development road map to add custom columns to the ticket queues.

  • Hello,

    On Staff Window displaying list of tickets (as you can see on the attachment), is it possible to add more column ? Our Staff will love to view Due Dates on this window

    Thank you
  • There is no way to do that using the ui currently.

    However if you know PHP you can modify the source of the project to do it.  Please see this thread:

    note: yes it was started for an older version but it does cover up through iirc)
  • Hi Ntozier,
    The link you provided is very interesting but it is for a complete new list and variables.
    It looks like my problem could only be resolved by doing the right things in this folder 
    Includes -> Staff ->
    the Variable that i need to manipulate seems to be " duedate"
    but not sure yet of what to do exactly

  • bcvbcv
    edited June 2014
    I'm using v1.9.1 and here's what I did (but sorting by due date column doesn't work though):


    line 149 - add to array:

    line 326 - change sort variable:
    <a  <?php echo $date_sort; ?> href="tickets.php?sort=due_date&order=<?php echo $negorder; ?><?php echo $qstr; ?>"
    title="Sort By Date <?php echo $negorder; ?>">Due Date</a></th>

    line 414:
    <td align="center" nowrap><?php echo Format::db_datetime($row['duedate']); ?></td>

    If you figure out the fix for the sorting issue, please let me know thanks.

  • Thank you BCV,

    I will let you know, otherwise i will just hope the future versions of osticket accommodate this option.

    Thx again

  • Hello BCV

    Here is a copy of my file,
    As you can see on attachments, i was able to display Due Dates which is already very good but, the liitle arrow for sorting the new column is not working. any idea on how i can have it to sort duedate ?

    Thank you
  • Tried on my version of 

     osTicket (v1.9.3)

    Not working :-(
  • Hello All

    Is it possible to sort tickets based on Due Date on the version ?

  • Yes.I have it on the latest version
    See my code in this link
  • Thanks Yisrael

    Let me give it a try and let you know
  • It worked !

    thanks again Yisrael !
  • My pleasure
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