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Custom Forms - Ability to pre-fill "Ticket-Details-Form"


here's one suggestion to make custom forms even better ;)

When you create a custom form, the user still have to fill out the default "ticket details" form.
So why not add an option to pre-fill the ticket details form when the user selects a custom form?

And if this idea ever get's implemented it would also be great to allow or disallow the user to change the pre-filled ticket details form to make sure the info stays untouched or that the user can provide some additional information if necessary.

A little example:
User request a new domain for a project or tells that printer in location xyz is non-functional or something else (everyday requests), so the ticket details form could be pre-filled with the subject "Domain-Request" or "Printer non-functional" and the message "Hi IT, please register this domain. Thanks!" or "Hi IT, the printer in location xyz is non-functional. Please fix, Thanks!" when the custom form "Domain-Request" or "Printer-Service-Request" are selected.

This will lower the time for the users creating "everyday request tickets" and is kind of "canned responses" for the client side.

Thanks for reading and hopefully integrating it in future releases ;)

PS: Unfortunately I'm not really good in php :/ ... otherwise I would have tried to make and submit it via a github pull request.


  • So out of curiosity where would this pre-filled data come from? The Help Topic?

    This isn't a bad idea, in fact I kinda like it.
  • edited February 2014
    So out of curiosity where would this pre-filled data come from? The Help Topic?
    Personally I think the pre-filled data should be defined in the Help Topic or in the Custom Form - but I can't decide where it would make more / less sense and what is easier to implement.
  • edited February 2014
    I came here to make this same suggestion.  For us, we treat new user requests, data find requests, and most setup based tickets, as work orders in our system.  It would be nice to be able to auto throw something into those fields (Issue Summary and Issue Details) - so that the user isn't entering data twice (especially if you're using a custom form).

    Example Data:
    Custom Form - New Account Request (contains various fields of data that we capture to create new users in our softwares)
    Default Ticket Field - Issue Summary: [New Account Request] User: John Doe (auto populated from Custom Form data)
    Default Ticket Field - Issue Details: (Some variation of the custom form data).
  • Just adding a link to this related / further suggestion by donkenoji:
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