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Email 'To', 'CC' and 'BCC' Functions For V1.8.0.1


I have seen a few mods for adding the CC, BCC functionality to the 'Post Reply' ticket function in v1.6 and v1.7. 
Is someone working on, or can someone work on, updating this mod for the latest osTicket v.1.8? 

Ideally I would like to use the popular mod as found here: and in addition, I would like to have an SMTP version of this mod.

If someone has any information or can recommend an existing mod that will work with v1.8, it will be appreciated.


  • Try looking at the array on line 107 of include/class.mailer.php. You could probably add a bcc here. Thoughts?
  • Hi Josh

    Thanks, I'll take a look later. First working day of 2014 kicks off today, so plenty to keep me busy!
  • Cool. I'd like to make BCCs conditional (it should really be officially added to the templates as a checkbox) so that some templates would auto-CC a manager, for example. It'd probably be possible to trace things back up to where it's called and do it there but not really a quick and easy task.
  • Ah and one more thing: this is for SMTP. If you're using PHP sendmail then look at the bottom of the script.
  • Hi Josh

    Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten about this and will advise if I get the mod working. Things never go according to plan and so I've had a bumpy start with osTicket in 2014...

    Monday went well with taking the system 'live'. All staff briefed and keen to reap the benefits of the new system. Plenty feedback with suggestions and questions throughout the day, but otherwise fundamentals all working well. 

    Today went well up until about 11:30am... thereafter no replies being received from customers, no autoreplies being sent from the default and primary company department/email. Long story short, corrupt default email account in osTicket, which I managed to fix by deleting and recreating it again. (Bear in mind I could not find any errors in the logs of my Apache or Exchange servers, with no email bounces to clients either!) 
    I put this down to a power failure for 10 mins on Monday - just 3 hours into 2014. 
    Needless to say, the Apache server is now on a UPS and automated mySQL backups and osTicket configs and files will be completed tonight! 

    Hoping that no other possible corruption issues will come up as a result of power outage, but so far everything I've re-tested seems to be working correctly. I'll get to the 'nice to have' features during the rest of the week.

    Apologies for the rambling, but I feel better for sharing even if no one is listening! Phewww!
  • As one of the people that helped keep this mod up to date for 1.6 and 1.7.x, neither Scottro (sudobash) nor I are planning on porting this mod to 1.8.x at this time.  Once the plugin architecture is included in circa version 1.8.1 I may reconsider though.
  • @ntozier Are you inferring that the next stable release of osTicket will include a plug-in management interface/module in a similar fashion to what, for example, Wordpress does? If so, this will surely make the product nfinitely more easy to manage and maintain. If that's the case, it would also be great to maintain the system on a 'child theme' basis, so the core can be updated with the latest RCs while customizations can remain intact. Also, although I have yet to implement @joshd's suggestion, do you think it will work with v1.8?
  • I've never been particularly happy with the CC/BCC/etc functionality of the mods.  Ultimately I do not feel that the mods that ScottRo and I came up with as the "right way to do it". They were more quick and dirty adding the functionality with no thought to down the road being able to go back and look and see who they were sent to, etc.

    That is pretty much exactly what I am saying.  :)  My understanding is that 1.8.1 is supposed to include the first plugin (Authentication). We talked quite a bit about plugins when I was down in LA visiting with the devs and the way I envision the framework to support this plugin to be similar to the Wordpress plugin system (I doubt that there will be a plugin repository to start off with) but I have very high hopes for it.  Mods would no longer be implemented by editing the source, you would put it in a custom plugin.  Which would mean that upgrades now become much easier (since I spent something like 16 hours migrating my custom data fields into the new 1.8 custom forms tables across multiple osT installations).
  • Thanks @ntozier, but I think I'll have to go with the 'dirty' fix until the proposed plug-in module arrives - fingers crossed. Hopefully v1.8 will manage with your mod until then.
  • edited January 2014

    Is it possible when fetching the email the CC recipients will also be fetch and display?  If there is related case on this please let me know :)

  • @Ian, None of the current CC/BCC mods do that. Which is one of the reasons why I said "They were more quick and dirty adding the functionality with no thought to down the road being able to go back and look and see who they were sent to, etc."
  • Just a side note to avid users, osTicket 1.8.1 is nearing a preview release and has CC support (and LDAP too!). You can fetch a preview from
  • I've finally had a chance to take a look at implementing the 'Scottro (sudobash)' mod, but unless I'm missing something (quite possible being a complete newbie), the code for v1.8 is quite different to v1.7/v1.6, to the point that certain variables have been renamed. I can't find a 'postReponse' function in class.ticket.php, neither a '$send_to' variable, or what I would deem as similar.

    If this is the case, then I can't afford to risk breaking my system by trying to modify the old mod to work with v1.8, which prompts the next question... @Jared is there a rough ETA on v1.8.1? 

    I see that you even have comments like '//TODO: Determine the email to use (once we enable multi-email support)' and '# XXX: Support variable email address (for CCs)' within the class.ticket.php code, so it's clearly in the pipeline. 

    I'd been keen to wait for an official solution, but not having this function is placing notable admin overhead within my company.
  • The CC mod does not work with 1.8.

    The rough ETA on 1.8.1 is that a preview release is due out in February.
  • I'm sure there must be many who are holding their breath for this functionality in v1.8. 

    I assume a preview release isn't considered stable and so it wouldn't be ideal to 'go live' with such a version, but it would be great at that stage, if this specific function could be singled out and implemented on the current stable release?

    Thankfully February is a short month, so we don't have long to wait. ;)
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