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How to remove attachments ?

edited October 2013 in General Discussions
How an attachment can be removed without deleting the ticket ?

I was going to migrate my host and i found that the database size is around 1.6GB ! checked it and found that 1.54GB is related to 2 tables which hold attachments. Now migrating such huge DB is not an easy work !

Now i have two questions :

1. Is there anyway to delete attachments without deleting tickets so i can make the database smaller ?
2. Are advantages of keeping attachments in DB more than its disadvantages ?

Thanks in advance.


  • yes i like to delete some of this attachment also 
  • You can simply truncate those tables if you no longer require the attachments.

    I've tested it, simply phpMyAdmin or mysql client,
    "TRUNCATE TABLE ost_file"
    "TRUNCATE TABLE ost_file_chunk"
    "TRUNCATE TABLE ost_attachment"
    "TRUNCATE TABLE ost_ticket_attachment"

    Returning to tickets view, it simply doesn't see the attachments at all, they were never there apparently. ;-)

    If that is your desired outcome, fire away!

    If you wish to preserve the attachments, then you will need to get more creative. I would suggest keeping attachments for active/open tickets.. especially if you are processing orders via tickets.

    Seems the kb article attachments and possibly other attachments may also be stored as files.. so

    Advantages? I'm not 100% on this one, I find it is technically "more secure" than file-system attachments, but it is definitely slower. The system is easier to upgrade and backup as all data/settings/config is in the database, apart from the initial ost-config.php file you can simply replace everything else, your filesystem usage is minimal, so its great for a server with low storage space, however as you know, the database size is considerable on larger installs.. so its a tradeoff. If your database was limited in size, then this could definitely go over your limits.. for instance, GoDaddy definitely limits database size!

  • How can I delete a particular attachment within a ticket? For example, if a ticket have 3 attachments, how can I just delete a particular one?
  • edited December 2014
    I recommend to use a tool like phpMyAdmin for the following:
    - Lookup the attachment id in the table "ost_file", e.g. ID = 26 (via the name you should be able to find the correct attachment which you like to delete)
    - Search all rows with this attachment id (e.g. attach_id = 26) in the table "ost_ticket_attachment" and delete the rows there
    - Now in the ticket thread, the attachment should be gone, but its still in the database, so:
    - Finally delete the attachment itself (e.g. ID = 26) from the "ost_file" table

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