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Top Menu Customization


I am using the osticket for the first time.I need a small help in customizing the home page menu's of the osticket.

I would like to have different names for each of menu available in the home page.I would like to change "Support Center Home", "Open New Ticket","Check Ticket Status" accordingly to our usage.

Can anyone help me out in changing the names of these menus?.

I found the code related to it but I wasn't able to edit it accordingly since it was declared in ID.

I found this code in

if($nav && ($navs=$nav->getNavLinks()) && is_array($navs)){
foreach($navs as $name =>$nav) {
echo sprintf('%s%s',$nav['active']?'active':'',$name,(ROOT_PATH.$nav['href']),$nav['desc'],"\n");
} ?>

Please help me in rewriting the names of the menu.


  • I believe that the file your looking for is include/class.nav.php
  • Thanks for the help.

    It helped me.:)
  • Can you tell me specifically how to change the nav links?

    Where specifically do i add a new link in the navigation menu? i know what file it is, but what line? What would the code look like? Sorry, i am a beginner and appreciate any help.
  • For the Staff Panel? For the Admin Panel? or for the Client side?

    Staff panel looks to be line 95 - 105.
        function getTabs(){

    if(!$this->tabs) {
    $this->tabs['dashboard']=array('desc'=>'Dashboard','href'=>'dashboard.php','title'=>'Staff Dashboard');
    $this->tabs['tickets']=array('desc'=>'Tickets','href'=>'tickets.php','title'=>'Ticket Queue');

    return $this->tabs;

    Admin panel appears to be lines 169 - 184
        function getTabs(){


    $tabs['dashboard']=array('desc'=>'Dashboard','href'=>'logs.php','title'=>'Admin Dashboard');
    $tabs['settings']=array('desc'=>'Settings','href'=>'settings.php','title'=>'System Settings');
    $tabs['manage']=array('desc'=>'Manage','href'=>'helptopics.php','title'=>'Manage Options');
    $tabs['emails']=array('desc'=>'Emails','href'=>'emails.php','title'=>'Email Settings');
    $tabs['staff']=array('desc'=>'Staff','href'=>'staff.php','title'=>'Manage Staff');

    return $this->tabs;

    Client side appears to be lines 263 - 293
        function getNavLinks(){
    global $cfg;

    //Paths are based on the root dir.

    $navs = array();
    $user = $this->user;
    if($cfg && $cfg->isKnowledgebaseEnabled())

    if($user && $user->isValid()) {
    if($cfg && $cfg->showRelatedTickets()) {
    'title'=>'Show all tickets');
    } else {
    'title'=>'View ticket status');
    } else {
    $navs['status']=array('desc'=>'Check Ticket Status','href'=>'view.php','title'=>'');

    return $this->navs;
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