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Delete massive tickets ?

Hi, evereyone !
Please how can I delete massive old tickets at once?  


  • The UI doesn't really let you do massive amounts at once.

    You can go to your Profile and change Maximum Page size to 50, and then you can select 50 at a time to delete.
  • Ok Mr. ntozier I ifreid that this wold be the only way 
  • You could do it at the SQL level.  But it would be a fairly complex query that affects multiple tables.  If your not well versed in SQL I would do it via the UI.
  • This plugin can archive and/or delete tickets based upon age in bulk.

  • Oh yeah!  I forgot about that.
    As a side note, it is a 3rd party plugin, and if you had any problems you would want to contact the author for support. Please please please make sure that you backup your DB before you run this, just in case.
  • Ok pcjkollmorgen and ntozier I appreciate your help I will try the plugin and ntozier I promise that will make the DB backup 

    TKS a lot !
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