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Date selection from calendar issue

Hello there,

We selected the Date and Time Format to Advance in the System settings and the date format was selected like the UK date format. dd/MM/y

We have some custom forms contains Date and Time type fields. If we select a date from calendar the date shows incorrectly in the field. See the screenshot. It shows correctly on the ticket when it's opened

If we correct the date or manually put the date into the field on ticket shows the actual date of the creation of the ticket instead of the date was typed into the field.

It seems a bug. Have you got a solution?




  • Sorry I couldn't attached the screenshot. Basically the day duplicated. If I select 14th of February 2018 then in the field shows 1414/February/18

  • Yes, I have run into this bug before as I needed to use Advanced Time/Date formats also.

    There is this one also, although it is more for a client side display issue:

    The bug comes about from some of the default conventions not matching abbreviations that the systems understands. i.e using "y" for year instead of "yyyy".

    Perhaps if you set everything fully it might not need the PRs.

    Here are the settings which I use:

    Time Format: hh:mm aa
    Date Format: dd/MM/yyyy
    Date and Time Format: dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm aa
    Day, Date and Time Format: EEEE, MMMM dd yyyy hh:mm aa

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