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Help understanding tables for direct query

Hi all...

I am a bit new to OSTicket, but I absolutely love it and I am thankful for those who work on it.  I ask for pardon in advance if my questions have been answered elsewhere.  Is there a place where I can find the schema?  What tables there are and what each field represents?  I ask because I have some difficulty understanding what is considered a newly created, an opened status and a closed ticket for purposes of direct mysql query.  Thanks!


  • Q: Is there a place where I can find the schema? What tables there are and what each field represents?
    A: there is no public schema showing table relationships.  You will have to intuit it yourself or ask here on the forums.

    To determine a tickets status you would look at the ost_ticket table the status_id field.  Then look at the ost_ticket_status table and the is corresponds to the result from ost_ticket.
  • Thanks...I have a place to start now.
  • Very welcome. :)
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