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OSTicket No longer sending emails!

I have had OSTicket running fine for over a year now and for some reason all of a sudden starting this week or last week emails are no longer being sent from OSTicekt to our customers. What I mean is whenever I post a reply it doesn't send them an email. I can see that it is still fetching emails from the same account and creating tickets for those but just won't send any.
I have not made any changes since last year so I am not sure what to do.
What information can I give you to help me figure this out or where can I look to start debugging this issue? 


  • You should check the log of the mail server you use and the error log on the webserver osticket is running.
    The osticket system log could also be helpful.
  • Ill look in my servers error logs but this is what I am getting right now inside OSTicket system logs. When I send an email out I see an error log and it says the following

    Unable to email via SMTP:ssl:// [] Failed to set sender: [SMTP: Failed to write to socket: not connected (code: -1, response: )]

    I am not sure what this means. Can someone please explain this a little bit further.
  • This means osticket can't connect to this mail server and use it.

    Did something changed in your environment?
    Maybe your hoster changed the php version or could it be that something in your environment "blocks" the request?
  • You could try to use "tls" instead of "ssl" like this to see if it makes a difference:

  • Mostly I have no problems with sending or receiving mails with osTicket. My experience is when such an problem occurs is that something has changed or prevents access to the mail server:

    1) Hoster switches PHP version because of end of life, new PHP version behaves different with software code, email setup settings must be adjusted

    2) Hoster has setup a security rule that prevents access to the mail server (could depend on how the software is working) and hoster must allow access

    3) Firewall or SELinux rule prevents access to the mail server and must be adjusted to allow the used software to connect

    4) Missing PHP extensions, extensions must be installed and activated

    5) Hosted mail services like gmail or office 365 or iCloud could have higher security conditions, conditions must be lowered via their webinterface or special conditions must be fulfilled like a connector, or a application aware password
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