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Full thread on all emails

I'm having complaints from the end user saying they want the full thread to stay in all correspondence they receive via email using the latest version.

How do I setup the template to ensure they get the full thread each time?

It took me days to find this in someone's post: %{ticket.thread.original} and this only shows the original message. How do I also have it show all messages after the original? 



  • Q: "How do I setup the template to ensure they get the full thread each time?"
    A: You can't.  This is not a feature of osTicket.  If the client needs the whole thread then they can log into the ticket system, or click on the link in the template to take them to the ticket and see the whole thread.
  • Not sure why it shouldn't be a feature... busy corp. clients don't like to do extra steps that take time such as logging in etc. They like email and especially use mobile phone email to communicate. I'm really surprised that people aren't really looking for such functionality to make it easier for the client. I guess my clients are spoiled...
  • I personally wouldn't use this as it is handled by my email client.
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