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Osticket 1.10.1 - Post internal note


I have tried to search but not quite sure how to word it, if someone could advise that would be great and thank you in advance.

When we post an internal note on a ticket, it automatically goes back to the open ticket view, ideally would would like to stay within the same ticket and just see the internal note added on refresh, is there an easy way to change a setting?



  • There's no setting for that, I had to modify the code.
  • There is a handy little PR here which changes the "Note posted successfully" message to one which includes a link back to the ticket.

    That way you can quickly go back or carry on if the note was the last thing you wanted to do.

  • I just changed the redirect back to itself (/scp/tickets.php about line 182):
    Find: $redirect = 'tickets.php';
    Replace with:

                      $redirect = 'tickets.php?id='.$ticket->getId();// Edited to redirect back to itself.;
                     }else {
                      $redirect = 'tickets.php';
  • @Grizly

    Thank you, i will try this now!

    Thanks, but i think Grizly's would work better for us!
  • Yep all good, for these for sorts of things it is nice to have a choice. 
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