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Unable to email via SMTP

When I try to sending the test mail I get the following problem extensively

 Mailer Error

Unable to email via SMTP: 587 [xxxxxxx] Failed to
set sender: [SMTP: Invalid
response code received from server (code: 530, response: 5.7.0 Must issue a
STARTTLS command first)]

Here are the versions I am running:          

Ubuntu                              16.04 LTS

OsTicket Version               v1.10 (9012e5ea)

Web Server Software        Apache/2.4.18 (Ubunu)

MySQL Version                 5.7.19

PHP Version            

I have tried everything found in the forums but unsuccessfully. It seems that
the solution is downgrade to php5.5, for my setting it is not possible, php5.5 it
not fully supported on ubuntu 16.04 and php5.5 is no longer supported in the
repository ppa:ondrej/php. 

I am quite desperate. Please, could you help me?




  • From error: Must issue a
    STARTTLS command first

    Have you set the path with ssl://

    Also, I thought Hotmail used
  • Thank you so much Grizly!!
    After overcoming a couple errors of authentication and mail permissions, I was able to send test mail (with ssl:// option)
    An admirer of yours
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