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[resolved] Editing any ticket feed DB Error #1062

G'day all.

Long time user of osTicket. Thanks to all.

OS = Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
PHP = 7.0.20
MySQL =  10.0.31
osTicket = v1.10 (901e5ea)

Issue is that whenever I edit anything on the ticket (using the edit capability top right corner of each response or internal note) it comes back with a DB error #1062 and the edit window just hangs. A forced refresh of the webpage shows the edit was successful (although I would have thought that the edit would work in place of the original (sort of like Facebook does for comments) rather then show a completely new one below).

Here is the email that I get:

[UPDATE `osti_attachment` SET `object_id` = 7201 WHERE (`osti_attachment`.`type` = 'H' AND `osti_attachment`.`object_id` = 7197)]

Duplicate entry '7201-926-H' for key 'file-type'<br />
<br />
---- Backtrace ----<br />
#0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(204): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1062', '[UPDATE `osti_a...')<br />
#1 (root)/include/class.orm.php(3133): db_query('UPDATE `osti_at...', true, true)<br />
#2 (root)/include/class.orm.php(1304): MySqlExecutor->execute()<br />
#3 (root)/include/class.orm.php(1966): QuerySet->update(Array)<br />
#4 (root)/include/class.thread_actions.php(169): InstrumentedList->update(Array)<br />
#5 (root)/include/class.thread_actions.php(201): TEA_EditThreadEntry->updateEntry()<br />
#6 (root)/include/class.thread_actions.php(108): TEA_EditThreadEntry->trigger__post()<br />
#7 (root)/include/class.thread.php(1461): TEA_EditThreadEntry->trigger()<br />
#8 (root)/include/ ThreadEntry->triggerAction('edit')<br />
#9 (root)/include/class.dispatcher.php(145): TicketsAjaxAPI->triggerThreadAction('906', '7197', 'edit')<br />
#10 (root)/include/class.dispatcher.php(38): UrlMatcher->dispatch('906/thread/7197...', Array)<br />
#11 (root)/include/class.dispatcher.php(120): Dispatcher->resolve('906/thread/7197...', Array)<br />
#12 (root)/include/class.dispatcher.php(38): UrlMatcher->dispatch('/tickets/906/th...', NULL)<br />
#13 (root)/scp/ajax.php(262): Dispatcher->resolve('/tickets/906/th...')<br />
#14 {main}

Steven Swarts


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