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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

DMT "RISA": Responsive osTicket > Frontend Theme with SCP Interface is ready. Test it now!


"RISA" is the name for the base of a fully responsive frontend and backend for osTicket. At this point we have finished the work on the frontend. Now you can adjust the complete frontend design from the backend with just a few clicks. Just navigate to "Admin Panel" > "Settings" > "System" and you will see a new tab "Theme".

Do you like a header with your logo in your corporate color? Just click.
Do you like a clean theme with flat design? Just click.
Do you like a background image? Just click.
And many options more...

Having in mind, that the technic of osTicket is up to date, but the appearance not, we did a lot of additional work: reworked the css, integrated bootstrap, added additional redactor plugins, added additional page types, reworked the sanitizing and cleaning of html, removed the possibility for frontend user to edit the html code, reworked the design, integrated bootstrap support for pages and tickets, and a lot of more ...

Here you can see it live in action:

If you like to test the scp interface use the following credentials:
Username: JohnAdmin
Passwort: Z7DXa(@PuBMf

The demo page resets every 30 minutes!
We will keep you informed, when the first themes based on RISA are available in our club.


  • Do you have any details/documentation on how to install it for folks who are less technical?
  • If you have no modifications ir customizations it's easy: just copy and override the original files. That's it!
  • Hi Synt4xError, how did you actually download this theme? I could not find any link here :) Thank you
  • edited June 8
    I didn't, I asked the question so anyone that looks here will have a better understanding in the future. However, it states they will keep us informed when RISA is available, I am assuming it's not yet ready for public @amorel_ljsl
  • Oh, ok, thank you. Indeed it looks like it's still in beta testing :)
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    @amorel_Ijsl: No, it's no beta. Have you tested the new interface and did you find any bugs? Your feedback is welcome. Just login in the backend with the provided user "JohnAdmin" above and try the new scp theme panel. We are working on a starter pack of 5 frontend themes, each can be easily adjusted in the backend to your needs.
  • Hello @DMTGMBH , please keep us informed when and where we can download the theme and congratulation about the good job you done! Thanks.
  • @Synt4xError @amorel_ljsl @tectron @ntozier @Micke1101 @ntozier
    We have finished the work on our theme "framework" and now it's easy to adjust the frontend with just a few clicks to your needs in admin panel > settings > system > theme tab. The main features are:

    Bootstrap fully integration: in frontend theme

    Bootstrap partial integration: in backend and redactor (wysiwyg with bootstrap default theme)

    Base theme: color schemes out of the box

    Navbar settings: Fixed  or scrollable | Inverse or default Color | With or without logo | language dropdown or inline flags

    Header: visible or hidden header section with logo, compatible to navbar fixed or scrollable

    Background Images: for header and body

    Corporate Colors: colorpicker for header, background, content and footer section

    RTL: rtl support

    Prettify: content in <pre> tags is automatically prettified

    Redactor: added fontsize menu, added inlinestyles menu, added bootstrap styles menu, added bootstrap components menu, allow classes and styles for defined tags, hide additonal functions on email templates, hide additional functions and code editing for frontend users, adjusted editor area auto sizing, update to 10.2.5

    Footer Pages: additional page type with footer menu, ideal for imprint, policy privacy etc.

    Bugfixes: special chars in pages url, translations for user templates like login, sanitizing, redactor ...

    In the demo page all things above except the redactor modifications are intergrated now. We build up the instructions, sample content and sample accounts in German and English. My colleagues are preparing five incredible themes based on the framework which will be available in our club.

    We are working on a free version in one color scheme, but without the theme customizer, as a small thank-you for the osTicket team and community. Many thanks for your feedback, hints and tipps.

    If you like to test the scp interface use the following credentials and go to "Admin Panel" > "Settings" > "System" and click on the tab "Theme":
    Username: JohnAdmin
    Passwort: Z7DXa(@PuBMf

    Gamble around save the settings and visit the frontend to see the effects.
    Any feedback is warm welcome.
    Have a nice day!

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    Hi @DMTGMBHCan i have information to buy this theme?

    Many thanks
  • I am also interested in downloading / buying it
  • edited July 14
    I am also interested in downloading / buying it
  • Sorry for my previous message, I was wrong.

    I am also interested in downloading / buying it. How could I do it?
  • @arsonists: Sorry for the delay, the final version of our first theme "DMT Purify" is ready. We worked hard on sample contents and feature descriptions. You can test all functions as customer as well as admin here:

    We look forward to your feedback to the new theme. From tomorrow "DMT Purify" it's available in
  • Perfect, as long as it is available, I will buy it
  • edited August 31
    Freshly purchased the Purify theme, and faced a couple of prolbems. Need help. 
    Mainly I found some functionality dissapeared form admin interface (scp):

    Original Osticket has the following(attached) translation selector (forms settings particulary), that dissapeares after uploading PURIFY theme.

    Could you direct me to how to correct this problem, as we need to use multilingual interface?

    By the way, I can not find any support forum link at DMT-club site.
    366 x 203 - 8K
  • @mokamobile: We are worlking hard on an update. Because of testing at 10 different internet service providers we remarked, that the basic unmodified installation of osticket doesn't run correctly at all, with the basic settings and different php versions. At the moment we are analyzing the returned data and will provide an update pack with an additional installation guide and hint and tipps. If you have further questions, don't hesitat to contact me by mail.
  • @mokamobile: We know it's frustrating, that small different server settings has so a big effect on osTicket. At a well configured server osTicket and DMT Purify is running absolutely correct. Here you can see the screenshot from our local development server and you see everything is working correct: Translation and ajax tooltips are displayed correctly:

  • Great, thank you for your interest. Could you recomment right settings to possibly avoid this problem?
    Or, you could give me advice how to temporary switch off new formatting for SCP interface?
  • looks like guys from DMT forget about users right after purchase. I still did not receive any advice:
    1) recommended server settings for avoiding empty tooltips, getting back translation selectors, other bugs due to SCP interface changes
    2) no advice on possibility to separate SCP interface design from user pages design.
    For now I can not recommend to use purify theme as stable and reliable.
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