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Help topic limitations

Here's a small modification that will allow you to limit help topics on the new ticket page to certain users and/or organizations.

You will need to alter the help topic table using the sql file ( topic db modifications.sql) and this can make it so you won't be able to upgrade once a new version is released unless you remove the 2 columns that are added (islimited, limitations).


  • Attachments didn't follow for some reason
  • I like the idea of this.  Have you considered limiting by Role(s) or Organization(s)?
  • Organizations should already be available, i was thinking of maybe adding a option for guests aswell because now it'll reject all guests if it's limited but maybe you want to limit an option to guests only?

    The only other roles that i could think of is account manager and primary contact but then that will apply to all selected options, so maybe it would be wiser to move it into a new tab and have it as a table instead.
  • When creating a Help Topic you could select which Roles/Organizations/Departments etc have access to see and chose that Help Topic. (I realize that might require a re-write of your code)
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