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Need to add a field to the new ticket form

Hi, we are using the platform only to the IT department at the moment, but now we want to add a mantainance dept and we want the users can set in the new ticket form to who is assignated the ticket.

We were using the topic table of the database as each office or "secretary" from the university... this would be "finances" "class rooms" "direction" "dean" etc... so we can't use that field as filter to do this.

I managed to create a field as a list that contains the departments IT and Mantainance and it get those from the table departments of my database, but I don't know how to get the variable to reach the function create and set in the ticket database the dept_id to the one that is selected..

I attach my "" in a txt file so you can read my code and tell me where is my error or what i'm missing here to get success with my idea

Thanks in advance and greetings!


  • You haven't mentioned the version of osTicket that you are using, but for this question I do not think that it should matter as long as it fairly current. You do not need to edit the core source files to add a new field you simply need to setup the new department and change how you have your help topics organized.

    Add the new department.
    Add new Agents, and add them to the department.
    Create a new Help Topic called IT, edit your help topics and put them as a child of that.
    Create a new Help Topic called Maintenance, create new Help Topics with that as a parent.

    BTW No attachment. 
  • edited April 2017
    I Think you don't understand what I am needing... Sorry, maybe my english is not very good, I'm from Argentina.

    Trying again.

    The Help Topic option is not a way to do what I need... I'm using the topics as a way to identify my users work place, for example, the users working at the human resurses office had a problem with their printer, they create a new ticket selecting Human resourses from the Help Topic list that we have renamed as "Dependencies" so we are not using the Help Topic as its original use.

    Now, discarting the Help Topic way... we want to add a field named "department" where the user can select to whom is destinated the ticket, maintenance or IT... we don't wan't it to be automatic. 

    I succed in adding the select list with the sql script and I get the options maintenance and IT from the dept table consulting by dept_id and it works with no problem... but, when the user select maintenance, the ticket is created with the IT dept_id and I didn't find a way to set the maintenance dept_id when someone create a ticket selecting this option.

    The version i'm working with is the 1.6 and I don't know why there is no atacched file. let's try again that.
    I'll atach a screenshot with my 'new ticket' form (it's in spanish) and my file as a txt.

  • You posted this in the 1,10 section of the forums.  Moving it to the 1.6 section.

    BTW 1.6 is no longer supported so I do not beleive that you will get much of a response.
  • In all honesty, it becomes a security risk when using outdated versions of software. I would recommend updating if at all possible. As Ntozier stated, that version is no longer supported and is extremely old. I would be careful though, because any customization done will be overwritten. 

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