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Alert ticket creator of ticket status change

edited November 2014 in General Discussions

Is it possible to email the creator of a ticket when changing the ticket status to a custom status?  For example, I added the status "In Progress" which is also considered an Open ticket to osTicket.  When moving the ticket from conventional Open status to In Progress can an email go out to the user letting them know that?  If not, for now should I enter a quick note at the same time as changing the status so that the user is kept updated?



  • That is not possible automatically, but you can create a canned response which you post as answer to the user when the status changes ;)
  • That's pretty much what I thought I had to do.  Thanks Chefkeks!
  • One of the problems of the suggested workaround is that this sends a notification to the user (person who opened the ticket) but not to collaborators.

    How to force sending the notification to the user and collaborators? 
  • @LeoG, you are attempting to revive a post from 2014. I would suggest starting your own post with this question, if the forum section for your particular version of osTicket, and before doing so, 

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