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Staff / Agent signature not appearing in osTicket (v1.8.1)

Thanks everyone in advance. My department has set up personal user signatures and they are not appearing in our outgoing messages to the end users. Can someone please advise? We're a few versions behind, using 1.8.1.


  • This does not appear to be a suggestion or feedback.  It is also not ver 1.10.  Moving to Troubleshooting and Problems in the 1.8 area.

    As a side note 1.8 is so old that it is no longer supported.
  • @ntozier sorry, kind of new to this forum. I'll repost in the appropriate area. Thank you.
  • I already moved it for you.
  • I see that. Thank you. 

    Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? It worked for a couple of days and then stopped.


  • If it was working and suddenly stopped then I would surmise that somehting else changed (version of PHP, etc)
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