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Setting Up The Staff Hierarchy


Apologies in advance for how basic this question may be, but I am very new to osTicket but was asked to install it for a client.

For some reason I am getting slightly confused with the staff setup features with the agents/teams/groups/departments etc

We are currently running on version 1.9.12

My client basically has a number of schools as their customers who can use the ticket system to report numerous problems for their specific school.

We then have a small number of staff members who are assigned to specific schools, so that they can see all the tickets created and updated each time a reply is sent

And then following from that we have 2 overall company managers who would like to access all the schools / tickets and have osTicket admin privileges 

So it looks like;
Overall Manager / osTicket admin > My clients Staff who have school specific (customers) rights to see all those ticket updates > Then their customers which are just the schools who can only see their own specific tickets that they create.

Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how I would create these 3 user groups so that they have those privileges?

Again I know this is probably very basic and straight forward but I just seem to be confusing myself with it.

As far as I can see, for the customers I would create them a standard 'user' account and then assign them to an 'organization' which would be their school name for example.

The big overall admin would be setup as agents who have 'admin access'

The bit that is then throwing me is my clients would I create their accounts, and have them so that I can then just assign them certain specific schools (organizations)?

Again apologies for the stupidity, I think I'm just over thinking the whole agents/teams/groups/departments thing

Any help would be hugely appreciated!



  • You do know that 1.9.12 is pretty old at this point right?

    So what I would do is I would create a "department" for each school.

    The small number of staff assigned to specific schools would have Agent accounts created.  They would then be made members of the department for their school. Additionally any manager that needs access to this department could be made a department manager to keep up to date on all tickets for said department.

    I would create an "organization" for each school.  User accounts (the school staff who open tickets) would be assigned to the Org for their school.  Any "School staff" that needs to be updated on all tickets would be setup as the Organizations Primary Contact.  And in 1..10 you enable ticket sharing with the Primary Contact, in your version I think that you would Automated Collaboration Primary contacts.

    You shouldn't need to use "Teams" at all.

    "Groups" are collections of Access right settings (they became roles in 1.10) controlling what an Agent has access to be able to do, and can grant additional access to other departments.

    I would setup a group for regular agents, a group for Manager agents.

    The regular agent group should have create, edit, post, close, assign , transfer.  

    The manager agent group should have all those plus access to all departments (unless you dont want them to be cross department).

    Alternatively you could create an admin one to do things like ban emails, manage premade, manage faq, view agent stats..  Or you could assign those rights to the managers... or like we do here all agents can manage premade and faqs and view stats. Totally up to you.
  • ps I wrote that pretty fast so I hope that it makes sense..  If you have more questions or need clarification please let me know.
  • edited March 2017
    Thanks alot Ntozier, yeah I installed this for them over a year ago and they never came back to me until recently saying they couldn't get it working how they wanted to I agreed to look into it all again for them hence the old version.

    What you've wrote above 'seems' straight forward enough so I'll have a quick go with it now thanks again.

    Just as a side note, do you think it would be a good idea to upgrade them to the latest 1.10 version before going ahead setting it all up.... or will that likely cause major issues and if not will the above you mentioned still be the best way of setting this up on 1.10?

  • This is actually really great info, may be basic but I am sure many people could benefit from @ntozier's answer.
  • Q: do you think it would be a good idea to upgrade them to the latest 1.10 version
    A: This is hard to answer.  

    From my point of view yes everyone should upgrade and run the latest version of the tree that they have at minimum.  For example since they have 1.9 they should be running at least 1.9.15.  But that's only if they have a reason to not run current (1.10).

    That being said a lot of folks are technophobic, or maybe I should call them metathesiophibics (fear of change). So the jump from 1.9 to 1.10 will look different and might upset them.  I would give them the option either way.  I would tell them "look I should really upgrade you to at least 1.9.15 as there are a number of security related updates to the product".  And let them know that the latest version is 1.10 and while it looks a little different offers some new functionality (and some of it may assist them doing what they are asking).  [Groups are gone and Roles are a thing. Ticket sharing is a thing. etc.]

    As a reminder before you do anything: back up the DB and back up the site files!
  • So I've had a play around following your first instructions @ntozier...

    I think it was actually me that missed out in my original post that my client would like to have multiple agents to be able to see certain schools.

    I've set up as you said with the agents, departments, and no "Teams"

    However now I don't know how I would add one of their agents to 2 or more schools (departments/organizations)

    From their agent profiles in the admin backend it seems I can only 'tick box' the agents into specific schools by using the 'teams' function.

    So would I now have to use the 'teams' function instead?
  • Go to Admin panel..
    Click on Agents.
    Click on the first Agent account.
    Click on the Access tab
    Add the other departments for this staff member under Extended Access.
  • @ntozier I don't have the 'access tab' on the current 1.9.12 version...I just get a drop down box for one 'primary department'

    Is what you mentioned available on a later version? 
  • oh right.... for some reason I thought that you were on 1.10... (I read too many forum posts).  In 1.9.x you should be able to add additional departments under their Group.  You may need to make more groups to have a set that spans the way that you want.
  • @ntozier when we were pre 1.10, we set up a group for each agent so that we could give each agent the specific access that they needed. It wasn't ideal but then we could add and remove for a specific agent for coverage issues during absence and vacation
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