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[resolved] Email response reopens tickets

Is there a way to prevent email responses reopening tickets, and instead just adding a remark in to the ticket with the response?

At the moment we are resolving a users issue, updating them and closing the ticket.  The user then responds saying 'Thank You' and it reopens the ticket.


  • There are settings to prevent responses from reopening tickets. When we did this in our environment, for the exact same reason, the resulting behavior is that the ticket remained closed, and the response then just opened a new ticket. 

    If you want to play with the settings (in 1.10 I will assume since you did not provide any environment information) they can be found at:

    Admin Panel > Manage > Lists > Ticket Statuses > Closed > Item Properties > Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users

  • Apologies, yes 1.10
  • Found it, thank you.  and yes you can close this for me, thank you.
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