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Email responses creating new tickets

I recently switch to Amazon SES to relay email for my osticket server.  Since switching to amazon SES all email responses to tickets are now creating new tickets.  Anyone else using amazon ses as their email relay and had a similar issue?


  • Are they doing something weird with the message-id header?

    Do you have the ticket number in the subject in your templates?
  • Not that i'm aware of, no real options in amazon ses to change anything.  And yes the ticket number is in the subject line.

    Subject: RE: Ticket [#221880] .....
    Message-ID: <>
    References: <>
    In-Reply-To: <>
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    Did a little research and it does appear that they change the message ID header.  Is there anyway i can manually modify osticket to check In-Reply-To: vs the message id field?
  • it looks like even the in-reply-to isn't exactly right.  Looking at my above post, the correct message Id that i think osticket needs is c17eba54-9d7f-4f2e-9005-bd77d942c7ae
    Amazon adds to the front and back of it

    So I probably either need a way to get osticket to truncate or find another relay.
  • Does your Message-ID: change from what you have posted above? If it stays the same throughout the whole transmission then that isn't it.
  • osTicket checks message-id first and tries to compare it to existing message-ids.  Then it checks the reference-id and in-reply-to.  Lastly if all else fails it checks the message subject for the ticket [#number] to see if it matches an existing ticket.

  • That's good to know, I didn't know it had somewhat of a fail-safe. I appreciate the info @ntozier, I thought it was only subject and/or message-ID.
  • here's a screen shot of an example.  When it checks the message id, do the extra characters added by amazon then not matter you think as long as the original is buried within?
  • trying again to attach.
  • edited February 2017
    I am taking a guess what Ntozier is stating is that there are three sections it checks for an identifier, it goes in an order and locates an ID that helps the system understand if a ticket is already created or if a new ticket is needed to be created. Example would be;

    Step 1) System checks Subject for ticket number,
    Step 2) System can't find subject for ticket number, System checks Message-ID,
    Step 3) System can't find any Message-ID that matches a ticket that is already created so it moves on to Reference-ID, if there is no matching reference ID with an already created ticket then the email is treated as a new ticket.

    My process is not in the same order as what was stated above but it is giving you an idea how it works.

    @Ntozier, am I correct?

  • Yes.  That's what I was saying.
    (with the caveat you mentions that you changed the order)
  • Is that the correct formating i have for the ticket number in the subject?  If it does still check the subject, not sure why even if it's failing the headers checks that it's still making a new ticket then.
  • What version are you running?
    (and other environment details)

    Once I see that in the thread I will ask the devs to look at this thread.
  • version/environment
  • were you able to forward to the devs to take a look?
  • We are also having the same issues.  It looks like the system is not looking in the subject at all.
  • edited May 1
    I have also noticed this and it is not only limited to Amazon specifically, I have had cases where new tickets were opened even though subject only changed with the addition of "RE: ticket [#123-12345]", but the ticket number was still valid.

    Maybe the problem is the "-" in the ticket number, have not looked specifically for the code that does it.
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