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Ticket Status in "Sticky bar"

In the "Sticky bar" 
<div class="sticky bar fixed" 

There is 

<a href="tickets.php?id=6362" title="Przeładuj"><i class="icon-refresh"></i>
             Zgłoszenie #6359</a>

I to prospose as a suggestion/feature request

<a href="tickets.php?id=6362" title="Przeładuj"><i class="icon-refresh"></i>
             Opened: Zgłoszenie #6359</a>


<a href="tickets.php?id=6362" title="Przeładuj"><i class="icon-refresh"></i>
             Closed: Zgłoszenie #6359</a>

Currently I need to scroll UP to check and then scroll down to continue editing ....


  • SCreen shots showing before and after?
  • Sure
    1791 x 1080 - 87K
    1791 x 1080 - 89K
  • image

    1791 x 1080 - 87K
    1791 x 1080 - 89K
  • edited December 2016
    You do realize that the information on the tickets current status is also located at the bottom of the screen under the Response box (so that you can change it by changing the Drop down) right?  It appears in both of your screen shots.

    I've created a Feature Request for you at github:
  • Sorry for multiple post - I have some problems with Adding images
    Now I can not delete this images from third post 
  • Yes I realize that, but the problem is that if you have a long Ticket with many comments than in this case it would be realy helpfull.

    Thanks for creating tickets.

  • I have a pull request pending on this, you are welcome to pull it and test it if you want!
  • Wow.... so fast.

    But I'm not able to test it :(
    I'm not WebDeveloper - and I just do not know how to use it.
  • If you have access to the files you can open them and add the lines yourself! It's easy, literally 7 lines of code in 3 different files. Go to this link and you'll see the three different files and the lines you need to change/add. Hope this helps!
  • I follow this to my SiteAdmin (this is my friend from High Shool) so no problem :)
    Will be done.
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