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Help on Installing OS ticket on my system


I have been battling with installing os ticket on my system for some time now. I have installed Xamp and MySql,which are prerequisites according to the wiki installation guide.

Please anyone help with a step wise guide on how to install OS ticket on my system should please put me through.

I run a windows 7 operating system and i have downloaded OS ticket version  1.9.12.



  • I will say that your problem is likely XAMPP.  Many people have reported issue trying to run it with osTicket (I do not know what causes the issues).  XAMPP is NOT a PREREQUISITE.  The wiki does not mention XAMPP.

    Installation instructions are here:

    Here is a summary:
    1. Install Apache or IIS.
    1.a. make sure it works by browsing to local host. (You should see a webpage)
    2. Install MySQL
    2.a. make sure it works by running a manual query
    2.b. create the database that you are going to use for osTicket.
    2.c. create the username/password that you are going to use for osTicket.
    2.d. assign privleges to the user for the database that you created.
    3. Install PHP
    3.a. make sure you configure the webserver to use it.
    3.b. make sure PHP is working.  (create a file called test.php with a contents of <?php phpinfo(); ?> and put it in your web folder.  Browse to localhost/test.php and see what happens)
    4. Download the osticket installation archive from
    4.a. open the archive and copy the contents of the upload folder into your web folder.
    5. browse to local host, follow the prompts.
  • Thanks for this.
  • Very welcome,
  • Please i need assistance with this issue am currently facing. I have enabled the extension MySQLi on the php.ini file but OSticket setup still says it is missing.

    Kindly advice on the way forward.
  • Did you restart the Apache after making changes to your php.ini?
  • Thanks a million ntozier for your kind assistance. They all have been very helpful.

    I have almost completed the installation of the OS-Ticket software, but the process of installation has been in process for a while and am assuming i have made a little error at some point.

    I have attached the screen shot of the installation process. Please any assistance will be appreciated.

    Kindly advise.
  • Please, this keep going on for hours. 

    I need to resolve this issue. I need HELP!

  • Are you getting any errors in your PHP or webserver logs?
  • NO ERRORS. It appears to be working fine

  • I have sent the screen shots of the tests i carried out on PHP and Apache.
  • Do i need to change some lines of code in the install.php file? please advise
  • None of those appear to display your PHP or apache error logs.
    Have you checked those logs?
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