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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Seeking beta testers

I am looking for a few beta testers to test drive a new fully responsive theme for osTicket.

You must be running v1.10-RC.2.

I'd prefer participants who are prepared to use osTicket on mobile devices as well as on a laptop / desktop. 

I have 5 slots currently open. PM me for more info.

Here is a taste:



  • I want to test :)
  • Hello.!!!  +1
  • Would love to test this too, if you still have spots.
  • I runing RC2 so I will and able.
  • +1 for me, thx.

    working with utest for 5 years, I know how to write test report.
  • edited March 2016
    Something new? Already a version available?

  • Hey guys, thank you so much for your willingness to be beta testers.

    I spent so much time working on my theme, I literally burnt my eyes out and had to take a break.

    Meanwhile, the website that I was developing to advertise osTicket Awesome -- which was only 70% completed and didn't even provide access to the demos  -- started to be found and people have been buying my theme! Crazy, right?!

    So now I guess I've done a full Microsoft and I'm using the paying public to beta test my product. I know, I sound terrible. :(

    I'm waiting for v.1.10-Final to drop, which I've heard should be "end of the month", which really is, like, 
    any minute now. LOL.

    No, but seriously, as soon as v.1.10 comes out I'm going to start integrating my theme into it and THEN I will start to seriously promote this thing.

    Happy Spring, everyone!
  • Happy Spring @stevland! :)
  • Yea same here had to frezze development until final too many internal changes.... looking foward.
  • What are you working on, jphilbert?
  • stevland, now that 1.10 is released, will you be updating your theme and keeping it updated going forwards?
  • Yes, I am working on a release for the new osTicket 1.10. It will include a redesign of both the Staff and Client sides with the ability to choose from multiple color schemes.

    I'm hoping to have it ready sometime around Christmas, or early January at the latest.

    Thanks for the question!
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