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integration with ebay and amazon messages?

hi, i run an e-store and sell on ebay and amazon. i have a hard time juggling amazon messages, ebay messages, website questions, and emails.

im looking for a way to modify osticket to handle all of those requests? has anyone gone about doing this before?

im thinking about using some sort of email filter to forward the ebay and amazon emails that have a subject like "Message from ebay user" to my support@domain email address that is monitored by osticket.

any thoughts?


  • I'm looking for the same thing.
    Please help.
  • osTicket allows you to integrate unlimited number of email addresses. For basic email setup help you can check out our wiki page where you'll find easy step by step instructions.

    As for eBay emails - you can use ticket filters (Admin Panel > Manage > Ticket Filters) to create tickets using Reply-To as opposed to FROM email address. No customization required.
  • i figured it out!

    I'm glad you replied because I forgot about this thread.

    Here's how I accomplished it....

    In my Amazon seller market place, I set my email address as support@mydomainname. That means when I get a message from a customer, it will send me an email to support@mydomainname. All I have to do is reply to the email and it replies to the Amazon message. So in my email client, I set up a filter to forward only the Amazon and Ebay emails to osticket@mydomainname.

    And thats it. I don't know if I explained that properly or not. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Can integrate with eBay API

    I would like to integrate osTicket directly with eBay API. I know how to do the calls to eBay but not sure what functions need to change for sending and receiving.

    Any help?

    Has anyone done this?
  • andrewtite;33812 said:
    I would like to integrate osTicket directly with eBay API. I know how to do the calls to eBay but not sure what functions need to change for sending and receiving.

    Any help?

    Has anyone done this?
    you dont need to do any api calls.... when a customer on ebay sends you a message, it sends you an email, right? and if you respond to that email, its the same as logging into ebay and responding to the message. so just filter out your ebay mail for messages, and forward it to an email box that is being watched by osticket. and BAM... you have ebay messages going straight into osticket. you can respond to osticket and it sends it to the ebay email address for that buyer. example: [email][/email]

    it works great for me. i've been doing it this way for about a month now. and the best part is if you sell on amazon, osticket will send an autorespond message, so your amazon response rate is 1 minute, lol :D
  • The messages aren't marked as read on eBay's system.
    There's also a lot of policy text with each email sent.

    When I tried a test with my 2 eBay accounts, I replied but nothing has shown up on eBay messages.
  • API access would allow for marking as read and other features.
    I can't find a developer guide that would let me know which functions need to be modied to add a new API source for messages (sending and receiving).
  • Any news on this? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks. :)
  • I am using OsTicket (current develop-next tip, so basically 1.10RC2+) with ebay successfully. My modifications are here:

    What this does:
    - If a message contains the "Ebay Referenznummer", it will be appended to any answer, so ebay can assign the mail to the correct message
    - If a mail comes in from an existing ebay user with a ticket newer than two weeks, the messages is attached to the existing ticket instead of creating a new one

    This only works with the GERMAN, but the modifications are simple for other market places.
    have fun
  • Hi friends,

    I am very new to Ostickets. I trade on eBay and Amazon.

    Reading and responding directly to Ebay messages is a bit hectic and do not show previous email trail of the same discussion. 

    I was reading about some of your comments.

    How can it be beneficial for me link my eBay messages with Osticket? Is there any way I can receive and reply to ebay messages in a better way/format?

    Thank you friend for your advice and suggestions.
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