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[MOD]Batch Ticket Assign

edited November 2013 in Mods and Customizations
Partly modified from [MOD] Batch Ticket Assign for osTicket 1.6, but with some better (I think) modifications where each ticket can have it's own corresponding assignee options and comment.

Best to use with [MOD] Toggle Tickets Content Preview together, so admin/managers can preview and assign tickets directly in the tickets list page, without going into each ticket.

1. Unassigned Tickets tag
2. assignees options for each ticket
3. popup comments for each ticket
4. confirm box

How to:
1. new Unassigned Tickets tag including its ticket count under the Tickets tab. This sub tab will only appear if you have unassigned ticket, and will disappear if there is no unassigned ticket in your osTicket system.

2. In every open tickets tags (ie. not in close tickets tag), the options of assignees of each ticket are on the right of each ticket row.

3. Comment box will popup after chosen a assignee, box can be closed by either click X or anywhere outside the box. (Note: I make it allow empty comment here since my company prefer it...)

4. Click the Apply Assign button and a confirmation box would popup like other batch actions.


Assignee options

Popup comment box

Confirm box

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  • furfur
    edited November 2013
    Hi Andrew,

    Please use the thread for Toggle Tickets Content Preview if you ask question for that. This is another plugin.

    Have you download and put the gif files in right place? It should at least show a closed icon from default...
  • furfur
    edited November 2013
    Thanks no worry. Just to confirm what you said should be expected and not something wrong right...?
  • Hello! Thanks for this MOD!  I'm using 1.8.2 and I'm getting ,"Please make at least 1 assignment."  When I attempt to make an assignment.
  • It seems to be choking on "assignId"
  • This mod was written for an older version of osTicket (back in June 2013) which I believe would be 1.8ST.
  • The mod is written last year and only fully tested in 1.7ST...

    My company is no longer using osTicket so I guess my support for community won't be extended in soon future.

    Of course, I can give a quote if you really what it to be done in 'paid' way. :(
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