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Excessive errors processing emails

Our mitel phone system sends phones messages to Os Ticket by attaching .wav files to an email message. The problem we are having is that the phone system shows a From Email address of Company@ and I think this naming convention is screwing up OST because I am getting constant OS Ticket alerts saying that "Excessive errors processing emails from Please manually check the inbox."

I'm assuming if OST does not see a sender's email address with [email][/email] it doesnt fetch the email... is that correct?

I dont think I can change the from email address of my phone system. Is there a way to get OST v1.7 to ignore the senders email address format? Or , is this


  • Solved

    This issue has been solved.

    OST did not like the email format that our phone system was sending (xxxx@xx.xx.xx.xx) so it was rejecting the emails. Our Exchange admin changed the From email to the standard format of [email][/email] and that worked.

  • Thanks for posting what your solution was. Maybe someone else will see this and find it helpful. :)
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