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Fix for special characters in subject line (umlauts, accents, etc)


after banging my head against the misery of non ascii characters in osticket i found a solution that works for me. this snippet replaces the getHeaderInfo

function getHeaderInfo($mid) {
// get the headerinfo

// sender still pulled from header info

// iconv seems to do the job. everything else i tried wasn't able to properly decode subjects
$imap_header = iconv_mime_decode_headers(imap_fetchheader($this->mbox, $mid), 0, "utf-8");

// let's build the array we want to return
$header = array();

// "from" should probably be taken from $imap_header as well. works for iso-8859-1 encoded from-strings tho
$header["from"] = array(
"name" => @$sender->personal,
'email' => strtolower($sender->mailbox).'@'.$sender->host
// ze subject
$header["subject"] = $imap_header["Subject"];

return $header;

i'll try to sort out the mess i've created and post a few more changes i had to make to get german umlauts running.

is there no svn to pull a more current version?


  • Perfect! It works great for Swedish characters as well (ÅÄÖ)

    Well done! :)
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