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Email address in body of form

Good morning,

We are wanting to have a users email address appear in the body of any update they reply to via email, above the contents of the email. This is especially important where tickets have several collaborators to easily identify who has replied.

Can anyone advise if this is possible and, if so, where to make the change?

Many thanks

Patrick Hill


  • You can change the Email Template Set for New Activity Notice and look at the Supported Variables

    I see one Ticket Variables:
    %{} Email Address
  • Thanks - I have already seen that, it adds it to the notification email but not onto the ticket page post itself. I suspect this will involve changing the html (?) of the form itself if it is possible.

  • on the Ticket page post, I assume whoever reply to it, it would have their signature and Person Name
  • Not if they don't add it :)

    We have amended the email notification and our procedure to get round this issue - my original request is no longer needed - many thanks though :)
  • @PatrickHill so should I mark this resolved and close the thread?
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