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Use yaml language files instead of phar?

Is it possible to use the yaml language file for my country, like for example Dutch?
I do have the nl.phar file, but there a lots of things I would like to change.

So I tried unpacking the nl.phar and I got the yaml files, which I placed in the include/i18n/nl_NL/ directory.
My Osticket v1.10 does also see that as additional language. But this way I can just edit the yaml files to change translation whenever I want to.

So now I have a couple of questions.
1.) Can I keep using it this way without issues? And set it to primary language without issues?
2.) There are some files which are present there now, which are not present in the en_US folder like:
- the /js folder with 3 files "osticket-strings.js", "redactor.js" and "jquery.ui.datepicker.js"
- a LC_Messages folder with a
- a Manifest file in the nl_NL root.
Can or must any of these things be deleted, or must I keep them all to keep it working?
3.) If I have to keep the file, do I have to make changes to this /js/redactor.js file to fix the autosave issue?


  • 1a. Most likely.
    1b. Yup.
    2. Keep them.
    3. Huh? 

  • You are overthinking it.

    Now that you have extracted the phar you should remove it so that osTicket will use the nl_NL directory instead of the phar file.

    Don't delete any of the files in that directory.

    Most of the translations are in the file.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to regarding /js/redactor.js. As far as I know you shouldn't need to touch that file.
  • edited July 11
    1-2 great.
    3.) I had made some changes to a redactor.js due to the cursor loosing focus when using backspace.
    (and a couple of other threads I guess, it was also discussed on Github).
    However it did only help a little. Had something to do with the autosave function they said. So I'm just wondering if I have to change this extracted redactor.js too now.

    @Stevland: Yep, ofcourse I removed the nl.phar otherwise strange things can happen. I did that, but forgot to mention it. My phar was the nl.phar file.
    Indeed there are loads of translations in the too.
    One of the things is that for example I rather use the dutch formal term "u" (you) then casual "je" for customers.
    Strange thing is that a lot of sentences already have the "u" but a whole lot don't. So it's not really structural.

    As for the redactor.js, I described it a few lines higher.
  • >I had made some changes to a redactor.js due to the cursor loosing focus when using backspace.

    The Redactor editor has been unstable in 1.10.x. That is why I use @Micke1101's excellent TinyMCE plugin.

    It has little or no documentation and can be awkward to install properly but it is totally worth the effort.

    >One of the things is that for example I rather use the dutch formal term "u" (you) then casual "je" for customers.

    It's unfortunate that it isn't consistent. You probably already realize this, but if not, you can participate in the official Dutch translations here.
  • edited July 12
    Regarding your mod of redactor.js, I have no idea if you'll need to apply the same changes to the instance of that file in your nl_NL directory.

    But I would be curious to know what you discover.
  • I've read about some people using the TinyMCE plugin and I would like to use that too, thank you for linking to a thread with explanation about it!

    As for the translation, I did participate in the Dutch translation, and I liked doing it. But as far as I know it's finished, no changes are made anymore?
  • Head's up: I just realized that the link I set you above goes to page 3 of the TinyMCE Plugin discussion.

    Between reading that entire thread and reading the I managed to install it successfully after a couple of attempts.

    I have never participated in a translation so I don't know, but it sounds to me like you've identified a significant issue with the Dutch language pack. After reading this page I would agree that it should use formal pronouns consistently.
  • As for the translation, I wrote a message to the manager asking if there could be something done about the inconsistancy.
    Strangely enough the upbringing nowadays use less respect. Which results in more company's just using the casual term for you to customers, instead of being polite and starting formal and only switch to casual if the customer does it or asks for it.

    I'm a middle-aged man so I prefer to be spoken to in the formal way of you, especially in e-mail and company/store employee's because that's the polite way to great customers.

    I'll have a good read of the and the full thread you pointed to, in order to see if it's possible for me to change to TinyMCE without too many issues.
    First switching to Dutch as default to see if that will keep working correctly. :)

    Thanks for the heads up and info!
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