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Search wildcard

edited July 11 in General Discussions
Is there a wildcard for search?

* and % don't work.


  • I also would like to know how to search for partial words, I do not find "test" if I search for "tes*" or "tes%"

    Thank you
  • I’m able to search for words and partial words...where is the data that you’re trying to search for? Issue Summary, Issue Details, etc.?

  • tested with summary and details, client-side search. Full word works, partial not.

    I am using 
  • @iantic

    Ohhh that's why. I thought you were using Agent-side searching. The user-side search has no partial text search options as of now.

  • thanks.

    any mods that can enable that?
  • Not that I know of.
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