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Date and Time incorrect

How would I go about changing the date and time to be correct. 

the attached file is where the date and time is set but its not correct on os ticket. How can I set this to be correct? 
Running an older version of OS ticket and we dont plan on upgrading anytime soon. Thank you for the help. 


  • date and time location?
  • Those are examples showing you the format that you chose in the text fields to the left.  They are not intended to be the correct time.
  • If your running apache on linux need to access the php.ini file

    date.timezone = ""

    and add your location "Europe/London"
  • @dave_o is correct. osTicket used the setting of the server it is hosted on, and that setting must be configured manually. It is one of the things that a system admin will do when setting up a new web server.

    In my case I had to add date.timezone = "America/Vancouver".

    List of supported timezones.

    If your website is on Linux/Apache you'll have to add it to the file for your site. The location of this file is different depending on your setup.

    If you are running Windows/IIS, the same solution probably applies as well but you'll have to ask someone else.

    If in doubt you can contact your web host and ask them to do this for you.
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