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Pull information from Custom form Submission


I recently created a custom form, I am trying to pull the information being submitted by the user.
I tried looking int the SQL database but im a bit confused on where to look.

I was able to locate the query in which it pulls the fields from my form:

SELECT A1.`id`, A1.`form_id`, A1.`flags`, A1.`type`, A1.`label`, A1.`name`, A1.`configuration`, A1.`sort`, A1.`hint`, A1.`created`, A1.`updated`, A2.`id`, A2.`pid`, A2.`type`, A2.`flags`, A2.`title`, A2.`instructions`, A2.`name`, A2.`notes`, A2.`created`, A2.`updated` FROM `ost_form_field` A1 LEFT JOIN `ost_form` A2 ON (A1.`form_id` = A2.`id`) WHERE A1.`form_id` = 8 ORDER BY A1.`sort` ASC

the results are all the fields that i created but no actual information is captured. (

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I am currently using OSticket v 10.0.1


  • "I am currently using OSticket v 10.0.1"
    ^This is not a valid version of osTicket.

    Form fields are stored in ost_form, ost_form_field, ost_form_entry and ost_form_entry_values.  There are a few different kind of values and they are stored in different ways.

    This is from memory so might be off a little:
    If you look in ost_form and pick out the form or list that you want to get the information from you can get the id. 
    You then look at the ost_form_entry table using that id compared to the form_id field, and get the internal ticket id field (which I think is object_id) and id.  Using the id from this table you can look up the data in entry_values.
  • Thank you i will give it a go. My mistake Osticket v1.10.1
  • Very welcome.
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