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Random users cant login with ldap

Hello i am currently running osticket 1.10 and the lastest plugins ldap and HTTP access on wampp server php 5.6 windows 10
Everything works fine, the login with ldap works for some users and some cant login with the error "access denied ". Ldap and ad information is correct, as most of the users can login, but there are a few that just cant, ive checked and they enter user and password correctly just like people who can login, also the format is, not numbers as ive seen in other threads. (Ldap auth is enabled for clients only as well as http access)
Any idea on what can i do to make the plugin work correctly?
Sorry for bad english, not my first language


  • Update: users can login without "" (username only)
  • It is my understanding that the Authentication::LDAP and AD plugin only accepts usernames.
  • That might be true, but most users can use the whole email, also, i noticed that users who cant use the whole mail, they have no email on their contact information, then they cant create new tickets. I have no full access to the active directory, so i can barely modify anything on it.
  • @adrian9210, why not fill email details for each user and tell them to use only username? I mean, its not the end of the world if you have to enter instead of
  • Thanks for your response, i asked to the AD admin to create again the users and it worked fine, gues some one edited fields for those users in the active directory.
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