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Customer Login

I would really love to see a customer Username/Login to see all tickets. Would be great to allow or dis-allow clients access to the support system by this means. It would be great for selling service contracts. I hope this get's put into the next release.

Thanks a lot of the hard work!


  • i agree

    I agree with you, i would like to see a username login, i acually thought this release was going to have this in it from what peter said awhile back ago, but i guess not.

    I think not having this feature is keeping the ticketing system from being the best it can be, the only major flaw i see is this issue, not many people keep their tickets numbers, or emails that contain the ticket number, thus making it so they have to keep re opening tickets cause they forget

    maybe add some kind of feature where ostickets lets us choose which method we would like to use, the first method would be login via email and ticket number or we can disable that one and enable username login.
  • The feature is on our todo list - it just didn't make 1.7 cut. We had to stop somewhere - otherwise it would have been yet another year or so of development without a stable release.
  • Sorry to revive an old thread here, but has the username and login feature been enabled yet or do clients still just get to their tickets with an E-mail address and ticket number?

    I just downloaded and installed 1.81 and the work the devs have put into this is fantastic. 

    The username is the only thing really keeping me from using this. Thanks!
  • This features is due for inclusion in version 1.8.2.
  • Thanks! I look forward to seeing it. 
  • You're welcome. :)  Sorry that I couldn't give you the answer that you actually wanted.  I'm going to close this thread, but please feel free to post again if you have another question.
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